Sunday, July 29, 2007

Paul Weller with Noonday Underground - I’ll Walk Right On

Following Noonday Underground’s collaboration with Paul Weller on the Top 10 single It’s Written in the Stars, Weller provides the vocals for the new Noonday Underground single I’ll Walk Right On released by Setanta on 16th June 2003. It is taken from the album Surface Noise.

Track Listings

1. I’ll Walk Right On
2. Go It Alone (Mujaji Remix)
3. March Of The Creepers
4. I’ll Walk Right On (Video)

Video: Paul Weller with Noonday Underground - I’ll Walk Right On

Noonday Underground - Bio

The duo of DJ Simon Dine and vocalist Daisy Martey threw their hats into the ever-growing ring of record-collector rock as Noonday Underground. After Dine's departure from Adventures in Stereo around 1997, the duo hooked up after allegedly bumping into each other at a Clapham pizza restaurant. Culling their influences from all things late '60s -- from exotic film music to West Coast pop to the production techniques of Jack Nitzche -- they quietly issued their debut LP, Self-Assembly, in 2000. Setanta reissued the record the following year. Paul Weller was an early supporter of the duo; in a poll for the NME, he rather bizarrely listed them as "Most Influential Band of All Time." ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

‘Paul Weller is one of a handful of people who I can play rough ideas to and who I know will give an honest opinion,’ says Simon. ‘He actually volunteered to be on Surface Noise without me asking him. Basically, I started working with Paul for his new album back in January of 2001. I’d play him bits and he’d say ‘maybe not for my album, but maybe I can do something on that for yours’. So that’s how ‘I’ll Walk Right On’ came about. The second track, ‘Thunder Park’, was going to be on Paul’s album but it didn’t fit in, so again we just used it for mine. More than anything he was just a great sounding board for this album. He suggested I should mix it with Stan Kybert at Noel Gallagher’s studio, which made a massive difference."

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