Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Paul Weller

Paul Weller turns 50 today!
Paul Weller faz hoje 50 anos!

Happy Birthday Paul Weller!
Parabéns Paul Weller!

My favorites Paul Weller original songs (solo) - Top 50:
As minhas 50 canções originais preferidas da carreira a solo de Paul Weller:

The Loved
A Year Late
This Is No Time
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
Round & Round
Remember How We Started
Above The Clouds
Amongst Butterflies
Wild Wood
Foot Of The Mountain
Moon On Your Pyjamas
Hung Up
The Changingman
You Do Something To Me
Time Passes...
Broken Stones
Out Of The Sinking
Whirlpools' End
Wings Of Speed
Heavy Soul
Peacock Suit
Up In Suzes' Room
I Should Have Been There To Inspire You
As You Lean Into The Light
He's The Keeper
A Whale's Tale
Dust And Rocks
Going Places
Leafy Mysteries
Who Brings Joy
Now The Night Is Here
One x One
Bag Man
All Good Books
Paper Smile
Come On/Let's Go
Here's The Good News
The Start Of Forever
From The Floorboards Up
Fly Little Bird
Roll Along Summer
The Pebble And The Boy

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