Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Style Council - The Cost of Loving (1987)

1. It Didn't Matter
2. Right to Go
3. Heavens Above
4. Fairy Tales
5. Angel
6. Walking the Night
7. Waiting
8. Cost of Loving
9. Woman's Song

Video: It Didn't Matter

It Didn't Matter (lyrics)

I remember all the early days
Trying to think of the right things to say
I didnt want you to think I was like the rest
Who think they own you just because youve laid with them
It didnt matter - really didnt matter
It didnt matter now we are together

There are crystal hearts just waiting to be smashed
And out to break them are the ones who never last
To soon today and gone tomorrow
And taking with them just another little piece of you

There are those who think its smart
Thinking that theyve stole your love and broke your heart
Too much too soon and gone tomorrow
Well my love doesnt need to lend or steal or borrow

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