Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Style Council - Live at Full House Rock Show [1987] - DVD

Track Listing:

1. Intro Alan Bangs
2. With Everything To Lose
3. Walking The Night
4. Heavens Above
5. Internationalists
6. Everlasting Love
7. Homebreakers
8. Money Go Round
9. Shout To The Top
10. Interview

Video: The Style Council - Heavens Above

The Style Council - Heavens Above - Lyrics

Heavens above what have we done
Oh, we've killed off the thing we had so little of
True, love has no truth without a price
But the cost of loving has been blown sky high
Spend on the hope the call the peacemaker
And pray to their god - the heavy rainmaker
Paegans of wealth they dance so freely
As they give away the life that comes so cheaply

Don't you see - there's a better way for us to be
And in the back of your mind - you know its just a matter of time

Time here today is life tomorrow
Oh but life means less now the time is borrowed
Paid for in blood, the donors seem keen
As they realise too late they've been so cheated

Surely by now we've paid the price
What is there left to sacrifice
You take the power - you take the pay
You steal the will and have the say
I'm sure by now there's not much left
One hand on heart - one on a breast
You steal the milk - you milk the land
But your time is up - your time is sand!

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