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PEOM - Paul Weller


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Positive Energy of Madness proudly presents an interview with Soul Legend Sam Moore, of Sam and Dave.

PEOM - Paul Weller

Confessions of a Popstar...

This interview with Paul Weller was done in the summer of 1990 when he hadn't done an interview for 2 years and wasn't in the limelight.

“I’ve left Polydor and my publishing deal. Polydor dropped our last album, which was called “A New Decade of Modernisms”. They have always been out of date and they felt it was too housey. Maybe it was a good thing it was dropped. But I feel they don’t understand. Their dance label “Urban” is just a token gesture”

“The Style Council should have ended 2- 3years ago, it was dragged on. I don’t know whether it was laziness, maybe I fell into a routine. The fire was missing. A good band should make a record because it wants to, not because it has to. I was pleased with the last released LP “Confessions of A Pop Group” however there seems to be a little magic missing on side 2.”

“I’d like to think that I’ve changed for the better. Recently I’ve been playing on my strengths. I have realised that I am a good songwriter. There have been times in the past, when I didn’t like my voice. Recently I’ve felt very proud of it. I’m also proud of my guitar playing- not a formula but a natural style. I’m a musician , it’s in my blood. Growing older had made me see my faults, that is the beauty of age, you become mellow and wiser. Since my departure from Polydor, I’ve been time to breath. I’m not stuck in my compound.”

“I’m not too much in favour of drugs. I’ve lost some very good friends due to drug taking such as Dave Waller. In the old times, when I took drugs I felt like a Catholic whipping myself. I was too intense, too serious. I am more relaxed and more open minded these days. Society is to blame; the pressure placed on people leads them to take drugs as a form of escapism”

“The drug aspect is a small percentage of what is going on. On the more positive side, the rise of exciting DJ’s, new clubs, fanzines, new bands, the remixing of records. Sadly, other creative projects such as actors, playwrights, illustrators have been unable to make a mark in this scene”

Full interview: http://www.peom.co.uk/weller_interview.html

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