Friday, May 30, 2008

Paul Weller: 22 Dreams - Out Monday

Following hot on the heels of this weeks release of 'Have You Made Up Your Mind'/'Echoes Round The Sun' we can now look to clear the decks for next Monday when '22 Dreams' is released.

The album draws heavily on the full breadth of Paul's 30 plus year career in music and the influences are diverse and spectacular from introspective acoustic moments to full out psychedelic blowouts. It's the work of a man who is determined to discard any self-imposed limiters as the five star awarding review from The Observer notes:

"The trad rocker's ninth solo album embraces everything from Krautrock to jazz..... it's brilliant" - The Observer.

In traditional terms, it's a double album with 21 tracks as follows:

Light Nights/22 Dreams/All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)/Have You Made Up Your Mind/Empty Ring/Invisible/Song For Alice/Cold Moments/Dark Pages of September Lead To The New Leaves of Spring/Black River/Why Walk When You Can Run/Push It Along/Dream Reprise/Echoes Round The Sun/One Bright Star/Lullaby Fur Kinder/Where'er Ye Go/God/111/Sea Spray/Night Lights

It comes in three different formats: a standard one disc CD;
DELUXE EDITION - a deluxe boxed edition with booklet and two CD's, the first featuring the standard album and the second, a selection of alternative takes, demo's etc on certain album tracks plus others;
VINYL VERSION - and for vinyl junkies, it comes packaged as a double album

You can currently hear the album in its entirety on You can also hear 30 second excerpts from each track whenever you visit

Source: Paul Weller and Island Records mailing

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