Sunday, January 27, 2008

Paul Weller - The Start Of Forever

From the album As Is Now

Video: Paul Weller - The Start Of Forever

Lyrics: Paul Weller - The Start Of Forever

Hold tight angel
Morning will soon be here
Washing your pillow
In swathes of gold and red

Our time is waiting
In the wings of uncertainty
Our love is waking
You’re born to be with me

I know it takes
To the start of forever
That’s a long time -such a long time
To be waiting
In the sun

Your soul so peaceful
How could I have been so mean
Feel I’ve been sleeping
Might have looked
but I’ve never seen

Your beauty takes
To the start of forever
That’s a long time - such a long time
To be waiting
In the sun

Feel I’ve been sleeping
I’m born to be with you

To the start of forever
It’s the start of forever
It’s a long time - such a long time
To be waiting - in the sun

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Paul Weller's new album due in May

OCS Update - 18-01-2008

A belated Happy New Year to you all.

Our plans for the coming year include an Acoustic tour end of March time, which we plan to kick off in Ireland with 6 or 7 dates, then back to the UK. When we finalise the dates and venues we will announce them here. Once again, thanks for your fantastic response over the dates in December and on New Years Eve in Belfast.

Record releases this year, at this stage, we are not sure. We may record one of the shows from the acoustic tour and put that out straight after.

Steve will have a diary message for you soon, he has been busy with Paul Weller putting the finishing touches to PW’s album due May.

All the best
Chris Cradock



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Paul Weller - Wild Wood

Yolanda Charles on Bass.

Video: Paul Weller - Wild Wood

Lyrics: Paul Weller - Wild Wood

High tide - mid afternoon
People fly by, in the traffics boom
Knowing - where you're blowing
Getting to where, you should be going.
Don't let, them get you down
Making you feel, guilty about
Golden rain, bring you riches
All the good things - you deserve now.

Climbing, forever trying
Find your way out - of the wild, wild wood
Now theres no justice
There's only yourself - that you can trust in
And I said - high tide, mid afternoon
People fly by, in the traffics boom
Knowing - just where you're blowing
Getting to where, you should be going

Day by day, your world fades away
Waiting to feel - all the dreams that say
Golden rain, will bring you riches
All the good things - you deserve now - and I say
Climbing, forever trying
Find your way out - of the wild, wild wood.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Paul Weller: Biography

Paul Weller (born John William Weller 25 May 1958, in Sheerwater, near Woking, Surrey) is an English singer-songwriter.

Weller was the leader and creator behind the formation of two successful bands, The Jam and The Style Council, before starting a successful solo career. He has remained essentially a national rather than an international star, probably because much of his songwriting is rooted in English culture. He is also the principal figure of the Mod revival and is often called the Modfather.

Weller was born into a working-class family. His father worked in the building trade as a scaffolder and a bricklayer, and his mother worked as a cleaner. Weller was brought up in Stanley Road, Woking in a Victorian council house, which had an outside toilet but neither hot running water nor central heating.

Early life
Weller was not academically minded and he disliked the discipline and routine of school; however, he keenly read the lyrics on pop music records and watched Top of the Pops on the television. From about 10 years old he was interested in playing in a band, and when he was 12 years old his family gave him a guitar, which he learned to play from a few basic music lessons and by playing along to music. In 1973, at the age of 14 years, Weller performed his first gig, which was at Walton Road Working Man's Club, with his friend Steve Brooks, who helped to form The Jam. They had a regular Wednesday evening slot there and they played cover music to a very small audience. As a teenager, he began to realise that a career in pop music would be ideal when a gig the band played in the lunch hour at his school was successful and popular with girl pupils. The band played in social clubs, working man's clubs and pubs in Surrey and London for about five years, with his father as manager always keen to promote the band and take care of the organisation. They attracted a good following, which was particularly noticeable when they played for three weeks at a pub called the "Red Cow" (now rebuilt and renamed Latymers) in Hammersmith, and increasing numbers of people attended to the extent that queues formed. The Jam were signed by Polydor Records in 1977 for £6,000, at a time when they were short of money, and later in 1977 The Jam performed on Top of the Pops.

Personal life:
Soon after the formation of the Style Council, Weller and Dee C. Lee, Style Council's backing singer, formed a romantic relationship. The couple married, and have two children. The couple are now divorced. Weller has five children in total: two with Lee, one from a short relationship, and two with his current partner.

Weller has a good relationship with his father and appreciates his practical approach and honest opinions. When Weller's father's health began to fail in 2003–4 he retired from being Weller's manager; nevertheless, Weller still welcomes his opinions.

Weller is a fan of Chelsea F.C. and can regularly be spotted at their games.

Paul Weller declined to receive a CBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list of 2006.

The Jam
The Style Council
Solo career
-Three of Weller's songs - two Style Council numbers and one song from The Jam - appeared on the soundtrack to the film Billy Elliot.
-His influence upon the 1990s generation of British guitar bands, coupled with his love of 1960's Mod-era music, had earned him the affectionate nickname "The Modfather". In 1995 he collaborated with Noel Gallagher and Paul McCartney to form a one-off 'super group' called The Smokin' Mojo Filters, releasing a charity version of The Beatles' hit "Come Together" in aid of Bosnian children.
-The Style Council came in at No. 97, Weller as a solo artist at No. 21 and The Jam at No. 5 in British national radio station Virgin Radio's poll in December 2002 to find the top 100 British artists of all time.
-In February 2006, Paul Weller received the Lifetime Achievement award at the BRIT Awards. At the presentation, he played his solo tracks "From The Floorboards Up", "Come On"/"Let's Go", "The Changingman" and also The Jam's "Town Called Malice".
-With Steve White, Weller also set up a website called following a chat with a fan Philly Morris who was going through cancer treatment in 2003.
-In 1983, The Jam broke The Beatles' record of seven singles in the Top 100 simultaneously. The Jam placed 14 singles in the same week. This happened when Polydor rushed to re-release their entire back catalogue following the split.
-Paul Weller's career features strongly in the Arts. In film, The Style Council song Have You Ever Had It Blue featured in the film Absolute Beginners starring Patsy Kensit, Eddie O'Connell and David Bowie; The Jam song Town Called Malice is used in the film Billy Elliot starring Jamie Bell; The Weller solo song You Do Something to Me appears in The Truth About Cats & Dogs starring Uma Thurman and the Paul Weller song Everything Has a Price to Pay is heard in the film Face starring Robert Carlyle, Ray Winstone and Phil Davies. On television The Jam song News of the World is the theme tune to Mock The Week whilst the Jack Dee comedy Lead Balloon includes One Way Road written by Noel Gallagher performed by Paul Weller. There are numerous books written about Paul Weller's career and even in the world of fiction the 2004 Lad lit novel 'You Are Here' includes a character, Dave Holliman, who is a big Weller fan and there are numerous references to The Jam and Style Council.
Solo discography
Studio Albums
Compilation and Live Albums

Source: Wikipedia


Paul Weller: Savages

Video: Paul Weller playing Savages at Jools Hooland Later show 06

Lyrics: Savages

you're savages, he knows you are..
do you not think that god is looking down?
on you savages.. the children run, to mothers
you put bullets in their backs
ah cowards, can you not see
do you not think that love is coming down?

you have no gods, they have all disowned you,
you have no love, so you take it out on,
people's lives in progress,
that's what keeps you going when you're savages

savages, you can dress it up,
give it a name and a fancy uniform
and a flag to fly to hide behind,
can you not see the truth that's on the ground

you have no love,
it has all gone cold on you,
you never have, so you take it out on
those whose love is growing,
that's what you hate most, when you're savages

do you not see the love is coming down?

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Woodcutters Son - Paul Weller

Video: Woodcutters Son - Paul Weller

Lyrics: Woodcutters Son - Paul Weller

Sugartown has turned so sour
It's people angry in their sleep
There's more small-town paranoia
Sweeping down its evil sheets -

You can tell it's witching hour
You can feel the spirits rise
When the room goes very quiet
And there's hatred in their eyes -

You better give me the chance
I'll cut you down with a glance
Yeh, with my small axe - so help me,
And tho' I'm only one
And tho' weak I'm strong
And if it comes to the crunch
Then I'm the woodcutter's son

And I'm cutting down the wood for the
Good of everyone!

There's a silence when I enter
And a murmur when I leave
I can see their jealous faces
I can feel the ice they breathe

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Paul Weller News - Blog

"I got a bit tired of the Official Weller site's lack of news so I decided to create a blog dedicated for this purpose"
From: Chris in his first post.

-Paul Weller's New Album Released In May?
-"A Thousand Things" by Paul Weller
-A Message From Universal Regarding Releases In '08...
-No More Whitey?
-Yep Roc to release "Wild Wood" Deluxe in the USA!

Read more:


Saturday, January 19, 2008

ポール・ウェラー - Paul Weller

ポール・ウェラー(Paul Weller、本名John William Weller、1958年5月25日-)はイギリスのミュージシャン。ザ・ジャム、スタイル・カウンシルを経てソロ活動に。愛用ギターはエピフォン・カジノ(2PUタイプ)とギブソンSG。

略歴 - Bio
1977年にザ・ジャムのボーカリスト、ギタリストとしてデビュー。当時流行のパンク/ニューウェーブの人気バンドとなった。ザ・ジャムはポール・ウェラーの生まれた町ロンドン郊外サリー、ウォキングでビートルズなどのカバーなどをしていたパーティ・バンドであった。結成当時はポールがベース、ブルース・フォックストンとスティーブ・ブルックスがギター、リック・バクラーがドラムスというフォーピースであったが、スティーブの脱退と共にポールがギターを、ブルースがベースを担当するようになる。セックス・ピストルズのライブにインスパイアされ、モータウンなどのR&Bを高速で演奏するスタイルになっていき、やがてオリジナル中心になり、1977年4月29日にファースト・シングルIn The Cityをリリース、いきなりナショナルチャート入りを果たす。1980年3月には10枚目のシングルGoing Undergroundを全英チャート#1に送り込み、名実共に全英#1バンドとなった。ポールの音楽志向はこの後、よりR&B、ファンクをはじめとする多様な音楽展開を見せ、1982年3月リリースの6枚目そして最期のアルバムThe Giftでは大胆なホーンセクションの導入などより黒くなっていった。モータウンへのレスペクトをダイレクトにあらわしたシングルTown Called Malliceも全英チャート#1(三枚目)となったが、もはやThe Jamであることの意義がなくなったため、わずか6年という短い期間ではあったが、その頂点でポールはザ・ジャムを解散することとなる。最期のギグは1982年12月11日にModsの聖地であるブライトンで行われた。

より黒さを追求するウェラーはネオ・モッズ・バンドマートン・パーカスのオルガンプレイヤーであるミック・タルボットとともにスタイル・カウンシルを結成。1983年5月にファースト・シングルSpeak Like A Childを発表、ザ・ジャム時代のファンを大きく裏切るソウル・R&Bの影響が濃いブラック・コンテンポラリー的な音楽性にシフトし、硬派なイメージだったジャム時代とは打って変わってPOPなイメージで人気を博した。しかしながらそのイメージとは反対に、歌詞は当時のサッチャー体制に対してラディカルなもので政治指向をより明確にした。スタイル・カウンシルはアルバムOur Favourite Shopを1985年にUKチャート#1にするが、その後その音楽の多様性により方向性を見失い、ハウス色の強いアルバムModernism-A New Decadeを製作するもポリドールからリリースを拒否され、終には1989年には解散する。

1991年にはポール・ウェラー・ムーブメント名義でソロ最初のシングルInto TomorrowをFreedom Highレーベルを立ち上げ自主制作リリース、ライブ活動をザ・ジャム、TSC時代には考えられなかった小さなホールやクラブで行なった。スタイル・カウンシル時代には決して演奏しなかったザ・ジャム時代の曲も演奏している。日本でもクラブチッタ川崎などでクラブ・サーキットを行った。 1992年、自身の名前を冠したソロアルバムを日本のポニーキャニオンより発表。イギリス本国ではレコード契約ができず、日本に遅れること約半年後Go!Discsより発表。当時彼は本国ではメインストリームではなく、完全にマイナー・アーティスト扱いであったが日本では本国よりもヒットした。 1995年にはソロ時代初の#1アルバムStanley Roadを発表、完全復活を果たした。その後も定期的にアルバムを発表し、ザ・フー、スモール・フェイセズ、トラフィック、ニール・ヤング、ドクター・ジョンなどにインスパイアされたルーツ・ミュージック色の濃い作品も発表するようになった。オアシスやブラー、オーシャン・カラー・シーンなど彼をリスペクトする若い層もでてきており、イギリスを代表するロック・アーティストとしての地位を確立している。 2006年にはブリット・アウォーズで功労賞を受賞。ザ・ジャム時代の曲もパフォーマンスしてみせた。

出典: フリー百科事典『ウィキペディア(Wikipedia)』



The Jam - When You're Young

The Jam - When You're Young - Original Music video

"The footage in the park was filmed in Queen's Park, in north west London, England. The footage showing the high road is Kilburn High Road and the footage of the escalator was filmed in Kilburn Square which is almost directly opposite Woolworth.
The escalator has long since been removed (it was out of order most of the time!) and the filming took place in June or July 1979."

Source: one of the boys in the 'clapping' scenes in front of the bandstand, in YouTube (Comments & Responses).

The Jam - When You're Young (lyrics)

Life is timeless, days are long when you're young
You used to fall in love with everyone
Any guitar and any bass drum
Life is a drink and you get drunk when you're young
Life is new and there's things to be done
You can't wait to be grown up
Acceptance into the capital world
You pull out some weed and the bullets are warm when you're young

But you find out life isn't like that
It's so hard to comprehend
Why you set up your dreams to have them smashed in the end

But you don't mind you've got time on your side
And they're never gonna make you stand in line
You're just waiting for the right time

You're fearless and brave - you can't be stopped when you're young
You swear you're never ever gonna work for someone
No corporations for the new age sons
Tears of rage run down your face
But still you say "it's love"

And you find out life isn't like that
It's so hard to understand
Why the world is your oyster but your future's a clam

It's got you in its grip before you're born
It's done with the use of a dice and a board
They let you think you're king but you're really a pawn

You're fearless and brave - you can't be stopped when you're young
You used to fall in love with everyone
Any guitar and any bass drum

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

60's Underground Lost & Found Promotion Video

With special guest DJ appearance by Paul Weller.


Monday, January 7, 2008

The Style Council - Wanted (The Roxy 1987)

Live on The Roxy - Tyne Tees Studios, England, 1987.

Video: The Style Council - Wanted

Wanted (lyrics)

There's a girl in my office
She keeps on stopping
Right in front of my eyes
Though I try and try
I can't hide anymore
Letting my feelings speak for me

But when I try to speak
My tongue gets weak
I stay the lonely man I am

Why should it be
That my heart's under lock
And I can't find the key
Tell me, why should it seem
That I'm diving inside without making a try

Why oh, well I only want to be wanted

There's a girl in my dreams
Working nights on my scenes
Till she has me in little bits

There's a time and a place
But it moves at a pace
And I can't seem to keep in time

There's a word for the way
But no words can I say
So a lonely man I stay

Why should it be
I confess that it's hard
turning hopes into dreams but -
Why did I see
You cocoon yourself nights
Finding soup in your flies

Oh, I only to be wanted

Why should it be
That my heart's under lock
And I can't find the key
Tell me, why should it seem
That I'm diving inside without making a try

Why oh, well I only want to be wanted

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A THOUSAND THINGS: Paul Weller A signed and numbered limited edition book and vinyl boxed set

A THOUSAND THINGS is the visual history of one of Britain s greatest and most-loved songwriters, a landmark tribute to a true British icon, Paul Weller.

Written by Paul, A THOUSAND THINGS features rare photos from the Weller family archive, fliers, posters, badges and the work of Paul s favourite photographers. Many of these images have never been published before. Paul Weller has personally autographed each book and has contributed an exclusive vinyl recording of previously unreleased tracks especially for this boxed set.

More: HERE

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Saturday, January 5, 2008


A site dedicated to the career of Paul Weller - Winner, Life Time Achievement Award, Brits 2006.


Friday, January 4, 2008

Dee C. Lee - See the day

Dee C. Lee (Paul's ex-wife) on Top of the Pops 1985.
Her 1985 Top 3 single "See The Day" was covered by Girls Aloud in 2005.

Video: Dee C. Lee - See the day

Dee C. Lee - See the day (lyrics)

When you look at me
tell me what you see

Do you see no love at all?
Or do you see in me what you always see
In ev'ry girl that you fall for?
I will show you how love is meant to be

Just watch and learn and listen to me.

Will you ever see the day?
Heartache leads astray

Good love will always come from me.
Will you ever learn to love without a little doubt?
Good love will always come from me.

When look away
is it mean to say
That she haunts you night and day?
And does it hurt your heart when I say:
Let's start to heal the part that's been torn?
Don't you see that I
I'm really worth a try?
And I say to you I know just what to do.
Will you ever see the day?...

Will you ever see the day?...
Will you ever see the day?...