Friday, May 30, 2008

Paul Weller: 22 Dreams - Out Monday

Following hot on the heels of this weeks release of 'Have You Made Up Your Mind'/'Echoes Round The Sun' we can now look to clear the decks for next Monday when '22 Dreams' is released.

The album draws heavily on the full breadth of Paul's 30 plus year career in music and the influences are diverse and spectacular from introspective acoustic moments to full out psychedelic blowouts. It's the work of a man who is determined to discard any self-imposed limiters as the five star awarding review from The Observer notes:

"The trad rocker's ninth solo album embraces everything from Krautrock to jazz..... it's brilliant" - The Observer.

In traditional terms, it's a double album with 21 tracks as follows:

Light Nights/22 Dreams/All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)/Have You Made Up Your Mind/Empty Ring/Invisible/Song For Alice/Cold Moments/Dark Pages of September Lead To The New Leaves of Spring/Black River/Why Walk When You Can Run/Push It Along/Dream Reprise/Echoes Round The Sun/One Bright Star/Lullaby Fur Kinder/Where'er Ye Go/God/111/Sea Spray/Night Lights

It comes in three different formats: a standard one disc CD;
DELUXE EDITION - a deluxe boxed edition with booklet and two CD's, the first featuring the standard album and the second, a selection of alternative takes, demo's etc on certain album tracks plus others;
VINYL VERSION - and for vinyl junkies, it comes packaged as a double album

You can currently hear the album in its entirety on You can also hear 30 second excerpts from each track whenever you visit

Source: Paul Weller and Island Records mailing

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Paul Weller: All The Pictures On The Wall

Video: All The Pictures On The Wall, live from Sonaria Italy 1995

Paul Weller: All The Pictures On The Wall - Lyrics

And all the pictures on the wall
Serve only to remind you of it all
The wasted days we could have lived
Now we're left with nothing left to give
There was a time I really loved you
But when that was I just can't say
As all the memories merge into one
As each day becomes each day

The clock hands ticking on the wall
Are just reminders of it all
The wasted days we could have lived
Now we're left with nothing left to give

We used to meet each others' eyes
And that's all we'd have to say
Now we don't talk that much at all
The further our eyes seem to stray

And in a funny kind of way
This empty room was full one day
Full of love that we once shared - now it all looks so bare
The silent walls whose cracks I feel -
But is there room to let the hatred heal?


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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Paul Weller: Have You Made Up Your Mind

Paul Weller playing Have You Made Up Your Mind at Live on Jools.

Video: Have You Made Up Your Mind - Live

Happy Birthday Paul Weller!

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Happy Birthday Paul Weller

Paul Weller turns 50 today!
Paul Weller faz hoje 50 anos!

Happy Birthday Paul Weller!
Parabéns Paul Weller!

My favorites Paul Weller original songs (solo) - Top 50:
As minhas 50 canções originais preferidas da carreira a solo de Paul Weller:

The Loved
A Year Late
This Is No Time
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You
Round & Round
Remember How We Started
Above The Clouds
Amongst Butterflies
Wild Wood
Foot Of The Mountain
Moon On Your Pyjamas
Hung Up
The Changingman
You Do Something To Me
Time Passes...
Broken Stones
Out Of The Sinking
Whirlpools' End
Wings Of Speed
Heavy Soul
Peacock Suit
Up In Suzes' Room
I Should Have Been There To Inspire You
As You Lean Into The Light
He's The Keeper
A Whale's Tale
Dust And Rocks
Going Places
Leafy Mysteries
Who Brings Joy
Now The Night Is Here
One x One
Bag Man
All Good Books
Paper Smile
Come On/Let's Go
Here's The Good News
The Start Of Forever
From The Floorboards Up
Fly Little Bird
Roll Along Summer
The Pebble And The Boy

Friday, May 23, 2008

Paul Weller: TV and Radio Appearances

To coincide with the new single and album, Paul's out and about on the box and radio. First up will be a three track performance on this Friday's (23rd May) 'Later with Jools Holland', this will be followed up with an appearance on Jonathan Ross on Friday 6th June.

There's also a Channel Four Paul Weller special on 12th June at midnight called 'The Rehearsal Sessions' to note in the diary.

He will also be with Wossa the day after on Saturday 7th June when he will be guest on his Radio 2 show for an interview and session.

Continuing the theme of TV appearances, ITV will be recording a performance by Paul at the IndigO2 on 4th June for broadcasting on 19th June.

Source: Paul Weller and Island Records mailing


Paul Weller new single: Have You Made Up Your Mind

The next big marker for us, Paul Weller fans, will be the release of the new single Have You Made Up Your Mind/Echoes Around The Sun this coming Monday 26th May. Both tracks are taken from Paul's forthcoming album 22 Dreams out a week later on 2nd June (you can hear snippets of each track on the website).

Source: Paul Weller and Island Records mailing

Paul Weller: Have You Made Up Your MindTracks
1. Have You Made Up Your Mind – Album Version
2. Echoes Round The Sun – Radio Edit
3. Rise and Fall

1. A – Have You Made Up Your Mind – Album Version (special edition Dinked 7 inch)
2. B – Echoes Round The Sun – Radio Edit (special edition Dinked 7 inch)

1. A – Have You Made Up Your Mind – Album Version
2. B – Rip The Pages Up – Brendan Lynch Mix

Release Info
Paul Weller's brand new single Have You Made Up Your Mind is released over 3 formats, all including bonus material, and taken from his forthcoming studio album 22 Dreams.


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Monday, May 19, 2008

Telegraph: Paul Weller Interview by Mick Brown

The published an interview about Paul Weller (3 pages):

Paul Weller: changing man
Interview by Mick Brown

Paul Weller: 'Wouldn't go beyond 25, I thought. But a decade goes by without you realising, and then another one, and you're still doing music, still loving it'

Read more: HERE


Paul Weller Birthday: 25 May 1958

Don't forget, on May 25, Paul Weller turns 50!

Paul Weller born John William Weller 25 May 1958, in Sheerwater, near Woking, Surrey.

Weller was born into a working-class family. His father worked in the building trade as a scaffolder and a bricklayer, and his mother worked as a cleaner. Weller was brought up in Stanley Road, Woking in a Victorian council house, which had an outside toilet but neither hot running water nor central heating.

More: HERE


Thursday, May 15, 2008


New PaulWeller.comThe new Paul Weller website is finally updated and looks great!

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Paul Weller: Echoes Round The Sun

Video: Paul Weller - Echoes Round The Sun.

New album '22 Dreams' on 2 June.

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