Sunday, July 6, 2008

Paul Weller - All You Need Is Love

Those lucky souls who managed to get tickets for last nights show at Koko, Camden, for the iTunes Festival witnessed a real good 'un. Paul was on top form, full of energy and banter and with a set-list that had 'crowd pleaser' written all over it. What we now know as the Weller 'standards' were all there, along with several numbers from '22 Dreams' - 'Sea Spray' was particularly impressive. Of course, after all the recent David Cameron clamouring for 'yoof cred' with his comment about 'Eton Rifles' being one of his fave tracks, Paul reclaimed it for its rightful owners with a blistering version as part of the set climax. A rousing version of 'All You Need Is Love' pretty much said it all, with smiles onstage and off - everyone happy after a perfect evening's entertainment.

As with the iTunes festival performances, the shows are recorded and a live EP taken from the set will be available to download as an iTunes exclusive. No confirmed release date as yet but it will be pretty soon and we will let you know as soon as we do.

Show highlights will also be broadcast on TV in the next few weeks and, once again, when we know we pass the information on.

Source: Paul Weller and Island Records mailing

Video: Paul Weller - All You Need Is Love
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