Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Style Council - The Sound of the Style Council (2003)

1. Speak Like A Child
2. Money-Go-Round (Part 1)
3. Headstart For Happiness
4. Long Hot Summer
5. The Paris Match
6. It Just Came To Pieces In My Hands
7. My Ever Changing Moods
8. The Whole Point Of No Return
9. You're The Best Thing
10. Shout To The Top
11. Ghosts Of Dachau
12. The Piccadilly Trail
13. Walls Come Tumbling Down
14. Spin' Drifting
15. Homebreakers
16. A Man Of Great Promise
17. Have You Ever Had It Blue
18. Waiting
19. It's A Very Deep Sea
20. Changing Of The Guard
21. Spring, Summer, Autumn

Video: Have You Ever Had It Blue

Have You Ever Had It Blue (lyrics)

Have you ever chased the night that sailed in front of you
On a boat thats bound for hope - but left you in the queue
With your shouting, waving, taunting, flaunting friends as crew
Telling you that every lie you ever heard was true
Have you stood upon that deck - have you ever had it blue.
Have you ever woke to find the morning didnt come
Undelivered with the papers - stolen by someone
Found the milkman bound and gagged and shackles round the sun
And the holder of the keys turns out to be the one
The girl you had your heart set on - have you ever had it blue.

Have you ever watched the day, passing by your door
Powerless to change its course, your feet fixed to the floor
When all the people you thought you knew are changing more and more
Even the girl you thought would see, seems only to ignore
The only love worth fighting for - have you ever had it blue

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