Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Style Council - The Complete Adventures of the Style Council [Box set]

Disc: 1
1. Speak Like a Child
2. Party Chambers
3. Money-Go-Round, Pt. 1 & 2 [Bevans, Bert Alernate Remix]
4. Headstart for Happiness
5. Mick's Up
6. Long Hot Summer
7. Paris Match
8. Lédepart
9. Solid Bond in Your Heart
10. It Just Came to Pieces in My Hands
11. My Ever Changing Moods [12" Version]
12. Mick's Company
13. Spring, Summer, Autumn
14. Mick's Blessings
15. Whole Point of No Return
16. Me Ship Came In!
17. Blue Café
18. Paris Match
19. My Ever Changing Moods
20. Dropping Bombs on the White House
21. Gospel

Disc: 2
1. Strength of Your Nature
2. You're the Best Thing
3. Here's One That Got Away
4. Headstart for Happiness
5. Council Meetin'
6. Big Boss Groove
7. Shout to the Top!
8. Ghosts of Dachau
9. Piccadilly Trail
10. Soul Deep [Bevans, Bert Remix]
11. Walls Come Tumbling Down!
12. Whole Point II
13. Bloodsports
14. Spin' Drifting
15. Homebreakers
16. All Gone Away
17. Come to Milton Keynes
18. Internationalists
19. Stone's Throw Away
20. Stand Up Comic's Instructions
21. Boy Who Cried Wolf

Disc: 3
1. Man of Great Promise
2. Down in the Seine
3. Lodgers
4. Luck
5. With Everything to Lose
6. Our Favorite Shop
7. (When You) Call Me
8. Have You Ever Had It Blue? [Uncut Version]
9. Mr. Cool's Dream
10. It Didn't Matter
11. All Year Round
12. Right to Go
13. Heavens Above
14. Fairy Tales
15. Angel
16. Walking the Night
17. Waiting
18. Cost of Loving
19. Woman's Song
20. Francoise

Disc: 4
1. Wanted
2. Cost of Loving [12" Version]
3. Life at a Top Peoples Health Farm [Um & Argh Mix]
4. Sweet Loving Ways
5. It's a Very Deep Sea
6. Story of Someone's Shoe
7. Changing of the Guard
8. Little Boy in a Castle/A Dove Flew Down from the Elephant
9. Gardener of Eden (A Three Piece Suite)
10. Why I Went Missing
11. How She Threw It All Away
12. Iwasadoledadstoyboy
13. Confessions 1, 2, & 3
14. Confessions of a Pop-Group
15. In Love for the First Time
16. I Do Like to Be B-Side the A-Side/The Mixed Companions

Disc: 5
1. Promised Land [Longer Version]
2. Can You Still Love Me?
3. Long Hot Summer '89
4. Everybody's on the Run/Modernism: A New Decade
5. New Decade
6. Can You Still Love Me?
7. World Must Come Together
8. Hope (Feelings Gonna Getcha)
9. That Spiritual Feeling
10. Everybody's on the Run
11. Love of the World
12. Sure Is Sure

Video: Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard (lyrics)

Changes of clothes and summer showers
Like changing the guard it only lasts for hours,
Wondering what and where did it go
Crying over nothing worth crying for
Once in a while - I still think about,
The smile on your face girl, the first time around,
Im wondering what and who your doing it with
Crying over nothing - worth crying for, still -

Just now and then - I still get it,
That same old feeling, I cant forget it
Wondering why and where did I go
Trying not to let them get to me so -

Once in a while I just cant help it
Its that same old feeling and how I regret it,
Wondering why - I miss you so,
Crying over nothing worth it all

Baby please, if theres a chance,
Lets throw out the past and get something back,
Im wondering why - did we part at all
Crying over nothing worth crying for,
Crying over nothing worth crying for,
Crying over nothing worth crying for.

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